Today we went to Van Dykes Hotel for Sunday Lunch. 
(i wrote about this place here)

We had the same Sunday Lunch as the last time but we tried different desserts this time round.
I really loved mine, and had a taster of the other two and all 3 really were great.
I'd happily eat any one of them on any given day!

My mum had the Pecan and Whiskey Pie on Italian Meringue with Blackberries and Orange segments and Toffee Ice Cream ontop.

The pecan pie was amazing!

I opted for a Baked Cheesecake with Mascarpone ontop, Pistachios and Strawberry crumble and a Biscotti with Berry Compote.

The cheesecake was so good but the highlight of this was actually the biscotti, it was so delicious!

And finally, my dad had the Chocolate Mousse on Chocolate Brownie base with Poached Pears and Chocolate Ganache with Almonds.

The pears were perfectly poached.

Do you enjoy desserts?

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