Graze Box Treats

Bringing you another Graze box post today.

This box was a nice surprise, I'd forgotten that I'd put my graze boxes on "holiday" which ended in beginning of March.
So when this popped through the post slot in the door, it was a surprise indeed. 

As always the box comes nicely packaged with the informtion paper and the 4 snackpots. 

I got the following;
Apple Crumble
Light Lemon &Poppy Slice + Tea
Hot Pepper Jam
Soy Roasted Nuts

Straight away I opened the hot pepper jam pot. The savoury snack pots are my fave!
And boy was this peppery!!

If you wanna get your own box for free, infact your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free, hop on over to Graze and enter my promo code lisap69lb.
For every person that signs up, I get to donate £1 to the Graze farm in Kenya!

Do you get a graze box?

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