Sequinned Cape OOTD - Christmas Part Edition

I've been away from the blog for some time now, there's plenty of reasons but the most important one was that I really just didn't feel like I wanted to force blogging.

I've not been doing much around the psbloggers community as I feel its a negative space at the moment and I certainly don't want to surround myself with the negativity.
I've got my people around me, they're supportive and rad and thats all I really need right now.

I've started to get back in the swing of blogging over the past few days and thought i'd share some (now old) pics from my Works Christmas Party.

It was held at The Mecure hotel in Sheffield, so I got a room for Daisy and myself to share... and Mak slept on the sofa/floor too. 
It was a group affair!

This was the view from the room.
The Coca Cola truck was in town at the same time!


Classic drinks from sparkly plastic cups.

One of the trio, me, Mak, Daisy.

tulle skirt // blue cami // sequin cape

With Bae before we went down!

I wore my hair up in a tight bun and added some sparkle with a chained detail hair clip in the back.

The theme was 007 James Bond.

This bow tie napkin combo really did it for me! I love the fine details like this!

Old team, rocking the dance floor!

Just laughing it out, as usual!

Just schmoozing with managers! As I do!

I snuck one final selfie for the night before we went back to the room for MacD's and giggles.

We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing and finally falling asleep around 5am (Mak and I).

It was a lovely night!

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