Matte Me Up Scotty

So I picked up some of the Sleek Matte Lip Creams as I really enjoy liquid to matte lip stuff.
I find a liquid to matte lipcream to be better than an actual matte lipstick as the lipsticks seem to be very drying and bitty after a while whereas the creams seem to be much better and aren't drying and tend to have a really good staying power.

The two colours I got were pink colours. The darker one is a natural choice for me but the lighter is very unlike me. I don't normally choose a nude'y type of colour. But I really liked this one. 

I picked up the colour Petal and Fandango Purple.

The packaging is nice, you get a squared clear tube so you can see the colour inside. The top is a matte finish with the brands name in gloss. Very clever effect there Sleek!

They cost £4.99 per tube. Which really isn't bad at all. Very reasonable. And you know I'm all about the bargain beauty products!

This is the product watched and still liquid'y. Both colours are gorgeous and look lovely on.

This is after 1 minute of drying.
On the lips, these dry in about 2 minutes. I feel like you need to really be careful because when you are applying it and its drying, its difficult to go over the dryer bits with more liquid. You have to pretty precise. 

This is the swatches after I washed it off like twice. So as you can see its a pretty pigmented.

I wore Petal the other day and it looks lovely on the lips. It's a perfect princess barbie pink in my opinion! It's definitely not my usual taste but sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone to get great results!

 photo 12_zpswz3qn3et.jpg
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