What's In My Emergency Make Up Bag?

My friend Daisy has a video on her blog about her emergancy make up bag and I thought I'd follow her example and post about my own emergency bag that I carry with me all the time. 

I carry all my stuff in this drawstring bag I got from Daisy. 
It's from one of her My Little Box's. She gave me 3 of the bags and I've been using the for my make up bags. Once they get too grubby I just wash them.

They're pretty spacious which is great cos as you can see, mines jam packed and almost bursting!

I change my work bag often so it's good to be able to just take this bag out and put it in the new bag that I'm using that day. 

So what's in my bag then:
toothpaste // toothbrush // blush brush // lipstick // mascara
different mascara // baby lips // highlighter // brow kit // blush
deodorant // kabuki brush // powder // eyeshadow brush // eyeshadow pallette
clear mascara // nail varnish // phone charger  // perfume // solid perfume
rennies // bobby pins // hair band // paracetamol

I normally have a tube of dry shampoo aswell but i'd run out. 

What do you carry in your bag?

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