From the Chaning Room - Yours Clothing

I went to Retford with my parents last weekend and I decided to pop into Yours to have a look at their sale items. 

We went for breakfast at a garden centre locally.

And obviously do some casual snap chatting.

Scones and pancakes for breakfast.

I had a lot more items to try on but I had to cut it short as we needed to leave.

But here's 3 things I tried on.

I thought I'd try one of those shirt/jumper combo's. They're easy for work and not too heavy. 
I quite like this one.

I picked up this cold shoulder shirt to try on because I was curious how they would look on me... not so convinced.

The last one I tried was a varsity mesh top.

This was my own outfit for the day.

Have you picked anything up lately?

 photo 12_zpswz3qn3et.jpg
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