Wentworth Gardens

The day after we went out for Daisy's birthday, my parents picked me up from town and we went to Wentworth Gardens for a nice relaxing walk around and some lunch.

Here I am looking sorry for myself in the hotel lift, very hungover!

Feeling like death meant that a day in the fresh air and gardens was EXACTLY what I needed.

We started off in the indoor shops, there were quite a few sections to look at.

The face of a very hung over baby!

(we went to asda before hand to get some pop and I picked up a new top as the one I had on Id worn all day the day before)

There was a Bomb Cosmetics section which I marvelled over for far too long!

They sure looked good enough to eat!

I was really enjoying these gift tags, specially the cats with specs!

 After looking around the inside store and some other displays, we went into their garden cafe for some nosh and drinks.

There was time for another selfie.

Look at all the fresh sandwiches and such.

All the desserts too, I was salivating!

I settled on a classic cheese & ham with an appletiser. 
I needed fizzy pop to go all round my belly and cure my nerves and the shakes.

After food we made our way out to the garden centre and the farm bit. 

The displays were really lovely.

We picked up a few plants for the garden since its been nice enough lately to spend time in the garden.

I loved the deli store, bought some chutney and jam from there.
And I also really appreciated their window decor.

I quite liked the idea of this bicycle outside the butchery advertising it, we got some delicious meat from there and the butcher was super friendly, which is really nice.

Look at these cute cat plant pots. I wanted one but sadly was not allowed. 
Which is probably wise anyway. 

But how cute!?!

We went into the pet centre and the farm bit. I was far too busy touching animals to take pics but I got a pic of this cute little bun bun! 

After that we meandered round the gardens and the centre a bit more and I spotted a carousal.

After oooh'ing and aaaah'ing over bunnies and other animals it was time to leave.
We made our way back through the indoor shops where I spotted a wall of mosaic mirrors so naturally I sneaked one final pic. Id love a wall of mosaic mirrors in my house one day.

Have you been to any historic gardens recent? What did you buy?

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