I WISH upon an app

A while ago my friend Daisy told me about an app called WISH. 
At first I was very dubious and sceptical about it, you'll soon fond out why. 

Let me tell you what its all about.

The wish app is free to download from the app store or google play store, simply search wish app. 
Once you've downloaded it you can get right to searching for almost ANYTHING your heart desires!

The app is similar to eBay, you search for what you want and buy it. 
The products come from mostly asian places like hong kong and china which means you are left with a 2-3 week wait. 
But most items are under £10. 

I thought maybe it was too good to be true so I hadn't purchased anything yet from it, until Daisy showed me some of her purchases. They're good quality and cheap! 

Here are some of the things in my wish basket: 

Everyones going mad for liquid to matte lipstick lately and Im one of them! 
I especially like the more curious colours that you don't get in the standard schemes.
So for £2 a pop, why say no?!

I always watch instagram videos of nail art and they always use this stuff that peels right off and I've always wondered where to get it from, well here it is! And only a quid.

I stumbled upon these little brushes and thought they were super cute. I don't often like mini brushes but these come in a nice tube which would fit right into my make up bag. 

Another mini make up item, this eyebrow kit looks great doesn't it?! its dinky and will make space in my make up bag since the current one i have is pretty bulky.

Now this is one I've been wanting to try. Its a lip stain. you leave it on for a while and its posed to leave your lips pretty and stained for 24 hours.

Two eye products just because. 
The eyeliner just looks nice. The lashes... well why not right?

This brush collection looked amazing and I really just loved the way the actual hair of the brushes looked. They look sleep and stylish.

These lipsticks just looked so cute and why not right, its only a quid a pop. 

I got this mascara for Rachels birthday but I totally want one myself too. The packaging is just too much, so cute!

This purse just looked super cute and handy for when I just want to carry a small bag. So having it all there together in one bag seems pretty sweet.

You know I'm always on my phone so having one of these power banks is vital! and only £6. 

These are my favourite pair of sunglasses, I have now repurchased them 3 times, soon to be 4. They're super cheap and last about 9-12 months so not too bad considering.

Some of these items i have had before from eBay but with a higher price tag so to find them on the wish app really pleased me!

Have you had a look at the app? What are you lusting after?

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