Dancing Queens

A few weeks ago it was Daisy's birthday and we decided to go out in Sheffield to celebrate it. 

I booked a hotel in the centre of town, only 10 minutes walk from work so pretty ideal.

The day we went out was a Thursday and we went out after work so to start off with myself and Daisy went to the hotel to relax, drink wine and get ready.

I had lugged Daisy's present around all day at work so I was super excited to actually see her opening it.

Our friend Amy met us at the hotel and we all had a merry time chatting and getting ready.

Amy and I had decided to surprise Daisy with something special, it was either gonna be a stripper or cocktail making and the latter pulled through.

So we hopped off to Soyo where there was a section of the bar made up just for us.

We were presented a glass of Prosecco each whilst the bar man talked us through the utensils we would potentially be using.

We were given the cocktail menu and could make pretty much anything in it.

First up was Amy.

I think she made a Long Island Ice Tea.
Not that it tastes a thing like tea at all.

Next it was Daisy's go.

Look at her fancy glass!

I went last. 
I made a cocktail called Junebug. It was the cocktail of the week.

The bar man told us what to do and bought the alcohol to us but that was it, we had to make the cocktails all by our selves!


Doesn't that look magnificent?! It was more lime green in real life obviously!

There was loads time to chat and laugh during each cocktail. 
We weren't rushed at all. And intact the bar was empty, being a Thursday night might have added to that. But it meant we had the place to ourselves and we didn't have to worry bout other people. 

Looks tasty!

My next drink was called Pick & Mix.
It was a choice of any flavoured vodka, I chose peach. Then a few mixers and a fruit pastel, served in a cute little jar!

This tasted as good as it looked!

I was very impressed with my drink in a jar!

Selfie with the birthday girl!

Making my final drink... It had to be blue and purple like my hair!

The bar man called it a Adios Motherfucker but we called it mermaid poop.
It tasted lovely, Daisy said this tastes like a unicorn and mermaid fuck fest. I'll take that as a compliment!

Looking very proud of my achievement. 

Gotta take a group selfie!

This was the bar itself, all lit up and glorious!

We got a round of free shots courtesy of the bar man whose name was Alex but we kept calling him Soyo.

The masterclass was amazing! The staff were all lovely, the cocktails were also lovely and so was the company!!

We then went to Wick at both Ends for a chat and more cocktails.

I had a Tequila-colada.
A Pina Colada made with coconut tequila instead of rum.
It was actually amazing! Even the flower was edible.

After a bathroom break and a quick preen we hopped down to West Street Live where many drinks were had till we needed crisps and chicken!

I had such a great night with these ladies.

Have you been to a cocktail masterclass?

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