OOTD - 18 November 2011

Friday ... YAY!
This is gonna be a 2 part post ...
An OOTD, and an OOTN with a FOTN (face of the night) next post.

What I Wore:
Navy Knitted Dress
Black long under-top.
Brown Leggings.
Tan Cardigan.
Tan (new) Boots.
Peach Chiffon Top.
Grey rose clamp belt.
Tan Bag.

I got a new bag and new boots last week sometime... and i love both so much!
Both from Primark!

Light bronzed cheaks, brown n copper eyes, naked lips.

And now you can ACTUALLY see how my hair looks!

Not bad for having woken up 30 minutes prior to this picture!

I really dont have much to say about this day.
Was a usual Friday at work1 But least I have the weekend off!

Thats about it!

Ciao for now bellas!

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