Weekend Adventures

So as stated in my sick day post, I got sent home Wednesday!
Thursday I was off all day too!
Friday was my weekend! And also... 11.11.11!!!
One of my most anticipated days this year!
And I was SO ILL that i didnt get to be excited about it :/

(Sorry if the pic quality isnt that great, all pictures taken on my phone)

So Richard and I went to Sheffield to go see my parents!

We had Subway for breakfast!
Then got the coach to Sheffield.

We met them at Meadowhall, and went to TGI Friday's for lunch!
Then did some shopping too! Been trying to get Richard to buy a Christmas jumper or cardigan but he keeps saying he'll get it next time!!

I always enjoy going to see my parents!
Plus Richard hasn't seen their place in Anston yet.

Richard and I went out with a friend in Sheffield on Friday night. Went to our favourite bar on Eccy road, The Nursery Tavern!


What I Wore:
 Floral Dress.
Black Leggings.
Black Boots.
White Cardigan.
Coral headband.
Trusty Navy Coat.

Then Saturday morning we woke up super early... at like 7am, GRRR, and we went on a road trip with my parents... 4 hours down the country to London!

We stopped in Newport Pagnell for breakfast which was a bacon butty and starbucks.
Then off on the way again!

We arrived at Edgware where we left the car and hopped onto the train!
This was Richards first time on a london train! Exciting for him!

We went to South Walk where we got off and went to Borough Market, It's one of the largest food markets in London, and sells a large variety of foods from all over the world.
Richard and I met u with a friend and went to The Old Thameside Inn for a drink.
Its situated along the Thames river and you can see the famous famous Gherkin building and alot of the buildings on Liverpool street which are a part of the SquareMile =D

Then we went to Oxford Street which is a popular shopping area in London.
Loads of fancy shops there!


They had a street vendor on the way to Primark, who was giving away make u and perfume! I managed to score 2 make up palette's, and a key ring.

We went passed some huge stores, my favourite stores were Forever 21 and CyberCandy.

Then we went to Covent Garden

The decorations inside Apple Market were gorgeous!
And the market is even more amazing than I remember.
The crowds that gather there are beyond belief! Its crazy how London is so small yet there are so many people who flood there every day!

They have a HUGE reindeer topiary in the  middle of the market, and close by was a real live reindeer that you could touch.

A REAL reindeer =D

As you could imagine we did alot of walking, alot of tube riding and alot of touristy things, ooo'ing and aaaah'ing at the lights and shop decor etc!

By this time it was about 4pm and starting to get darker, we went to Waterloo Bridge along the Thames.
Whilst walking there we saw the London Eye.

Then at 5m there was a Fireworks display for the Lord Mayors Show.

Which only lasted like 20 minutes but was pretty amazing as fireworks displays go!


Then the best part of the whole night!
We went to my favourite restaurant ... SPUR!!! =D


Its a South African burger/steak house and we obviously dont get them in UK, so whenever we do get to go to London, we go to Spur for good ol scrumptious burger goodness!

So yuh!

It was a great weekend and it was made better by sending it with my parents!

That's it for my London adventure!

Ciao bellas!



  1. Oh, this post made me so sad and nostalgic for a place I miss so so much! I lived in London for 5 year and the Thameside Inn was our Friday spring hangout and a must for out of town visitors. Such a walk down memory lane! Looks like you had a great time!


  2. Looks like such a fun time! Love your floral dress- so pretty!

  3. The largest market in London! I wanna go! I saw a real reindeer last night and I loved it. Its fuzzy antlers were my favorite!

    xo chanel

  4. You guys look like you had so much fun. I adore that floral dress on you.


  5. @skippysays - Thank you, we did have fun!

    @chanel - I love reindeers! Theyre so cute!

    @Ly - Thanks, the dress is one of my oldest favorite dresses!


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