Plus Size Clothing Swap


Sunday was the day of the Plus Size Clothing Swap in Leeds.
It wasn't the best day weather wise, but it wasn't pissing down with rain so I donned my Peacocks skirt and off I went.

I met Laura at the train station and we got our loooong train to Leeds and had plenty of chats and giggles.

When we got there we saw Rachel and plenty there ladies, and there was so much clothing. And so many lovely fat babes!

Steph & Fran

I took quite a lot myself, including a coat and about 7 belts. All I wanted to come back with was a coat/jacket and a skirt.
I didn't expect to come home with as much as I did, but Im so glad I was given the chance to do so!
And I am so thankful for the lovely people who made it possible!

There weren't any mirrors in the room sadly, so Laura took a picture of me in a dress to show me ... just so happened to be a dress she had bought.
I LOVE it! It is quite a bit more classy than dresses I wear, but I think I can make it work!

I met so many lovely ladies at the swap, but didn't get names/blogs from many.
I'm hoping some of them read mine and will say hi!

 And now, some pictures of my looking angry whilst trying on skirts!
(i wasn't angry)


Itwas great trying other people clothing, and I love that my clothing went to a home and not just in the bin or left in the closet to rot.

I will do a post on the goodies I got soon.

After the swap Laura, Rachel and Fran, a new friend and I went for some food at Bella Itallia. The food was lush and I had a refreshing glass of Rose and a delicious Pollo Milanese. YUM.

After the swap and awesome foods, we all went out separate ways, and once back in what was then Sunny Sheffield, I got a Watermelon & Lemon drink from Ritazza.

And took an awesome picture of me in the semi reflective window!
And met my dad and his work colleagues for drinks in town.

All in all, it was a bloody awesome day!

Ciao for now bellas!


  1. It was lovely to meet you as well. i'm so rubbish at putting names to faces, wish i'd asked people who they were and for their blog details.

    glad you got some lovely things, did you take the cape / coat i saw you try on?


    1. Yep i took that cape, its amazing!

  2. Im really sooo gutted I missed out :'(

  3. Sounds like some great fun! I love swaps :)

  4. I've been meaning to plan a swap with some friends but have been lazy about making it happen. Thanks for the inspiration!


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