Wearing my heart on my jumper - OOTD

I found this lovely jumper in my local Sainsburys store a few weeks back. 
Tried it on, and baaaam, it fit.
It's a UK size 20, but it has major give and it VERY forgiving as you'll see.
(secretly, I love my top knot)

What I Wore:
Jumper - Sainsburys
Leggings - Sainsburys
Shirt - Primark (only the collar is visible)
Pumps - Primark

As you can see, this jumper is very forgiving on the belly. If you were worried about a VBO then this would be a good jumper for you. 

 I been rocking the liquid liner recently, dunno why I wear it so much lately, it just kinda feels right.

On my lips is Deluxe lipstick in colour Speakeasy
(review here)

 Originally this shirt collar was bare, so I asked my mom to sew these cute buttons on to make it a bit more me.

More Sainsburys jumpers here.
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  1. Looking good lady face! x

  2. heehee look at those adorable shoes!!!! :)


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