Winter Warmer Wishlist

As we all know, it's been getting a bit chilly recently and definitely time for me to search for a/many winter coat/s.
I am particularly fussy when it comes to coat because I want something thats going to keep me warm and snug, something that will fit properly but also something thats kinda stylish.

Here is my Winter Coat Wishlist:

First is this Duffle Coat.

I always wanted one, but never owned one, this one would be ideal for those snowy days. It just looks so comfy! And it has a hood which is also very important to me since I walk a fair little trek to get to the bus stop, and I don't want my poor lil noggin getting wet or cold! 
I can see myself in a pair of skinny jeans, boots and this beaut with cozy gloves and earmuffs, throwing snowballs at people.

Next is one for a more stylish look.

I do love a leather jacket, but a leather jacket with fur collar, divine!
It does not have a hood, but I suppose that's what umbrellas were made for.
Still, it's an edgy look which I know I could rock with my fatshion sense, I'm thinking black disco pants, pink trainers, a big wooly jumper and this badboy, ready to go out shopping with the ladies!

And finally, one to combine the two together, a duffle style coat with fur hood.

It has a great burgundy colour, which gives it an autumnal/wintery feel.
I can just see myself in this whilst walking around a Parisian christmas market with a mug of gluhwein in one hand and a pancake in the other.
I think I have met my match.

I can't wait till payday so I can get my frozen little fingers on at least 2 of these wonderful winter warmers!

What kinda coats do you love?

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  1. Ohmygosh, I was looking at these yesterday as I am in need for a coat, I love the second and third one so much xo


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