Road-tripping to Norwich

I recently went on a lil road trip with my Parents to sleepy Norwich to visit my granny.
We had to leave Sheffield at like 7am to get to Norwich by lunch time. Now if you know me at all you will know I LOVE to sleep, so this did not sit well with me, but I DID manage to do my face and hair all before 7am.
This was my face for the day.

I didn't wear too much, just some blush, mascara and lipstick.

We stopped at a Waitrose along the way and I picked up 10 bags of Snyder's Pretzels, these bags of joy are so hard to get!
We also had some tea and scones.

I did an #ootd selfie in the lavs, because Im classy like that!
I wore myAX Paris Daisy Tee Dress, seen here, and my New Look Blazer, seen here.
I paired them with my Primark loafers which Ive just about worn to death now.

We finally got to my gran's at about 12.30, we were there till about 4.30.

I got an Easter Bunny tin from my gran, isn't she sweet!

After that we went into Norwich City Centre where we went through the Royal Arcade to the market for a nosey about.
The Royal Arcade looks so fancy both on the inside and out, but really it's just some shops.

There was a shop selling macarons called Macarons & More but it was closed :/

After some mooching about we went to our hotel for the night. 
My parents went for a nap and I watched the Simpsons whilst nashing on some of my pretzels.
The bed was oooh sooo comfy!!

After a few hours we went down to the hotel bar for some drinks and the to the hotel restaurant The Brasserie.

Aside for my food being served on a bloody roof tile, it was a really nice joint, food was good, but service was a bit lacking.

The next day we were up bright and early, I started the day with a nice long HOT bath.
We don't have the longest of baths at home, so any time I can get a nice bath I seize the opportunity!

We had a buffet breakfast at the hotel, there was a heck of a lot of food, but I just went for Muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt with some juice to get me going. 
I knew we were going to be going to London for the day so I knew there would be a few stops along the way, so I didn't worry bout having my coffee fix till we were on the road again.

We stopped off at service station and got some mid morning coffee, thanks Starbucks for the iced caramel latte!

Whilst my dad was queueing to pay for stuff, my mom and I were messing about with toys and we snapped these hilarious pics of silly glasses, we were in actual stitches laughing so much. 

I wore another Simply Be ensemble; Floral Printed Doll Dress seen here and my BarbiePink Soft Tailored Blazer.

I didn't take any pictures in London because we were just that busy doing and seeing that I just forgot, plus I had like 10% battery left till we got back to the car.

Car Selfie

We decided to go home via Leicester to go to a newly opened Spur franchise. 
Usually we go to the Spur in NewCastle or in Grays, but since there was a new one opened close by, we decided to go try it. 
And Im glad we did because Leicester is less than 2 hours away from Sheffield by car. 

After our burgers, we started our journey home and lucky me when I got home a package from China was waiting for me!
I'd been waiting SO LONG for my bones, I was so excited they had arrived!

We ended the day by starting on Game of Thrones.

Have you travelled any where recently?
Do you go on many roadtrips?

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