New Look Wishlist

Every month when payday is around the corner, I check out a few things online, usually scrolling through dress after dress after dress whilst on the bus, on lunch break or back on the couch after work. 
(thats if im not napping on the bus ofcourse)

This time round it's bee New Look I've been looking at and there are some items in at the moment I'd love to get my hand on.

Quite a few actually, I am not sure my bank would be happy with me doing one huge haul in one month so having to pick out the most important items for now, and lust over the rest. 

Here's my top picks from New Look:

I particularly love the Wednesday Adams style dress, I tried it on recently and it fits so perfectly, definitely going to be my first purchase at payday. And the off the shoulder black dress looks perfect for summer!

Do you treat yourself at payday? And if so, what are you lusting for?

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  1. That black collar dress is gorgeous, want please! xx

  2. I have been lusting after the black collar dress for what seems an age now x

  3. Great picks! Love the jeans
    -Jenna <3
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