Today I wanted to bring back Wishlists!
I havent compiled a wishlist for some time now.

I recently purchased a rather lovely dress (which will remain hidden till Halloween) from the lovely Lady V London
The dress is for my friends wedding so it needed to be something special. 

After trying on said dress, I was pretty impressed with the fit and quality of the dress.
It's sparked a little vintage desire inside of me.

So here's a few I'd love to own.

I particularly love these dresses for the sweetheart style neck line and the cute capped shoulders.
I love that the bow is detachable because i honestly prefer them without the bow.
And with a puffy petticoat underneath, these dresses really give you that rockabilly feel.

Do you like these sorta dresses or the 50's style?

 photo 12_zpsiexl6lgv.jpg
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