Since I haven't blogged for some time, I thought it was it was time to share a bit of an update on life in general.
Just a bit of what's been going on and such.

I went on a nifty road trip with my parents to London.

It wasn't a super fun kinda road trip sadly, it was to get my passport renewed.
We spent 3 hours in the south African Consulate.
Trust me, it's not fun.

Road trip essentials... Netflix and juice!

But atleast I got to ride the Tube, I really enjoy the tube, it's a place to constantly people watch.

We had lunch at Cafe in the Crypt.
It was spooky to say the least.

We found a new place in Sheffield to eat called Bills.
It's pretty kitsch and hipster but they do a mean Iced Tea and Eggs Benedict!

It was my friends Hen Do in Leeds.
Rachel and I got a room at the Clayton Hotel, it was pretty swanky.

I got some fizzy stuff to toast to the night.

And the girl herself, one of my oldest friends in England, Jo.

I'm so excited for her to finally be getting tied down!

I went out bare armed and bare legged thanks to Rachel.
And well I didn't hate it.

Some drinks were had.

Some food was had.

And some tomfoolery was had too!

We danced our feet off, thanks again Leeds!

I finally get the Sprinkle of Glitter denim dungaree dress and my god do I look cute A F in it!

I FINALLY got the snapchat update and looked mad as heck as rainbows came out my mouth.

And after Rachel and I went to Meadowhall for a shop, we both picked up some Donuts from Krispy Kreme....... I was excited about this!

Sun Rise at some ungodly hour in the morning one day.

I had a cocktail called a Cherry Cola which is made of Vodka, Amaretto,  Coke and fresh lime topped with cherries.

Perfect doesn't even begin to describe it!

I ate a cupcake at some point in August. 
It was free... I'd like to think it was because I'm so darn cute but really I won it.

I picked out this super cute lippy, suggested by Rachel and Im super happy i did!

At some point in the last 2 months I have started to take selfies as shown below... I don't hate it!

What have you been unto lately eh?

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  1. Love the selfies! :) the pinafore dress is too cute!


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