Yesturday was an adventure of a day.

It started with breakfast at Coast to Coast.
I had a breakfast feast which as you can see is made up of pancakes, bacon, sausage, egg and breakfast potatoes.

The breakfast was rather nice but if it had come on a plate it would have been a million times better.

Then we went to b&m's where my mum stocked up on cheap christmas tat and I got a glass of American treats.

Then it was into the car and onto the motor way to West Yorkshire where we stopped at Pontefract.
There is a particular butchery which we really love so it's worth the trip just for good sausages and pork pies.

I popped into Boots and tried a load of different lipsticks and glosses.

Finally settling on one red lippy.
(post on other purchases to come)

I had a quick look in New Look swell and stumbled upon this gorgeous mermaid clutch.
How beautiful is it?!!?

And just look at this sippy cup...
Clearly made with me in mind!

After we had got our stuff from the butchery and my parents had a hair cut each, it was time to go back home. 

Car selfie, why not?!?

We stopped at Meadowhall to get some bits from Primark and Lush.

And stopped at Carluccio's for a drink and some lunch.

I wanted to have some food to eat before the evenings plans so I got some bits to share with my dad.
We got the 3 for £10 small plate starters.

We just picked the first 3 on the menu and they happen to all be lovely.

The rice balls were pretty amazing!!

Then it was time for home.

I had a quick nap as I'd been up pretty early.

Then onto getting ready as I was meeting Rachel and her friend Kieren in town for a drink and a boogy.

I have very few pics from the night, but here's a few.

(stolen from Kieren's IG because I didn't get a pic of Rach and myself, but she looked beautiful)

Liquid Courage

I danced with people, had some drinks with people and laughed with other people.

I had a lovely day all in all and now I'm pooped.
I've had a lazy sunday visiting garden centre's and lidl.

Bring on the Harry Potter marathon on Sky movies!

How have you spent your weekend?

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