Here's some bits I got on the weekend.

I needed some plain back pumps as mine have ceased to exist and next weekend they'll be in use as part of a combined Halloween outfit with Rachel.

The sweets and brush/mirror were from my mum, just because why not kinda thing.

 I decided to try the Dove dry shampoo instead of Batiste just because I am currently finding my normal Batiste dry shampoo to be very expensive recently. 
This one was a steal at 99p from b&m.

The perfume was a last minute purchase just for some cheap smelly to chuck in my bag since I am coming to an end on my super drug fruit body sprays. 
This was £3.99, bargain. Smells cute and girly, so I'm happy.

The lashes are from Primark, bought surely for the night out on Saturday.
They were nice and light and made my eyes look fluttery as fuck.

The Silky Underwear is clearly from Lush, I have been meaning to try this out for an age, since next weekend I plan to be totally bare legged for an entire day I figured now was the best time to purchase this.

I got some items from Boots' Natural Collection.

And finally I had to replace my face powder so popped this Rimmel Translucent pressed powder in my basket, for a cool £2.10 as there was a knick in the plastic cover, which isn't a bother for me. 

What have you been hauling recently?

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