Unicorns Unite for Revolution

I got an email from Revolution Make Up and it had the word unicorn in the subject... I had no choice but to open it and see what was inside.
And I'm glad I did. 
The email was regarding the Unicorns Unite range of lipsticks that Revolution have bought out.

The range has 5 lipstick colours to marvel over. 
They are Legend, Throne, Pink Myth, Magical and Horn of Magic.

All the colours are a pearlesque type shine. I's love if one or two of them were matte but hey ho, better than nothing!

The packaging is as expected for Revolution, black tube with a colour pot at the bottom. 

Magic is a purple, pretty standard purple at that. This is a deep blue purple, it is truly magical!
You can never go wrong with purples!

Legend is a darker grey colour, its got a purple tone to it but a lovely grey shade. 
Ive always wanted a grey lipstick, this is one of the ones I would love in matte.

This shade, throne, is pretty wicked. Its like a pink grey. 
Its definitely one that needs a few coats to make an impact.

Pink Myth is a standard pink with a pearl shine. It's highly pigmented so its a decent pink. You can't ever have too many pinks.

Finally, Horn of Magic, is a tricking awesome turquise colour. Its just awesome ok! 

Here's a swatch of all the colours. This is just 2 swipes of the lipstick so as you can see the colour payoff is pretty good.

Here is an example of the colour Legend.

If you want to pick up any of there, hop over to the Revolution website. They're all currently 50p a piece! Bargain and a flipping half!

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