Payday Treats

Bringing a quick recent purchase your way. 
I had to pick up some eyelashes for a night out and I'd been wanting to try a primer swell so I popped into Superdrug one day after work last week and picked up this little collection of items.

I decided to pick up a new Barry M nail varnish, its one of the speedy quick dry varnishes. 
I wanted a new colour from the collection that I could put on in a rush at work, the speed dry bit of the varnish really helps for that.

I got a darker purple colour. 
The name is Pit Lane.

As I said before, I needed a pair of lashes so I picked up these Eyelure ones. 
Daisy was with me and she bout these for me as the eyesore products were 2 for £8.  

I got the Infallible Mattifying Primer and whilst I was looking around I saw the Infallible Fixing Mix.
I gotta admit, its lovely! Both of them. 

What have you picked up recently?

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