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This morning Gavin, my Besets friend from South Africa arrived in England to start a new life here.

After the excitement of him finally being here and a long drive home at 9am, we decided to pop into Meadowhall for a spot of shopping and a general mooch around.

So naturally I picked up a few items.

I wanted to get some incense sticks for my room since I rarely burn candles in it and I don't have any reed difusers as I'm scared of knocking them over. 
So these will do for me. I used to burn these when I was younger and I loved that musky hippy scent they leave so Im excited to get some of these out soon.

I picked up a pair of pumps from Primark simply because I need a pair of black pumps for the weekend. I struggled to find my normal "dancing shoes" sadly, I had seen them the other day but the queue was too long just for a pair of shoes. I figured these were fine for work after the weekend. 

I then saw one of these power banks whilst I was in the queue and thought Id just get it since my recent purchase of a battery bank is proving frivolous as its not working anymore. So this was a bargain for only £6.00.

 I saw this nice little vanilla bath bomb for a quid so I picked it up too. 
I haven't been bathing recently due to it being summer but I thought I could add it to my growing collection for when it gets colder again.  

I truly saved the best for last on this one!
I was just having a peek at the bags in Primark as I was after a new backpack for next weekend.
I saw a few nice "leather" ones which I really liked and some other canvas ones and I had nearly given up and as we were walking away I spotted this little monster. And I just knew I had to have it!
I tried the straps to make sure they'd fit me properly and they did. It was truly love at first sight!

Have you been buying yourself anything?

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